Excursion service

  You can book the following tours beforehand or at the hotel:


We offer you tours around the city of a great philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kaliningrad, the former royal residence of East Prussia, is the city where Russian hospitality integrates with austere German architecture (Gothic cathedrals, villas and defensive installations). You will be engrossed in the history and historical destiny of Königsberg while visiting the Cathedral, the museum and the grave of Immanuel Kant, the extant buildings, ramparts and gates, the embankment with a view on the harbour, the Amber Museum, etc.

The Curonian Spit

We can offer you a trip to the National Natural Park 'The Curonian Spit'.  The Curonian Spit is a narrow border dividing the salty Baltic Sea and the freshwater Gulf.  It is notable for its unique microclimate and ecosystem, exceptionally clean and broad beach and huge sandy dunes up to 70 meters in height. It’s interesting to visit the Ornithological Observatory.A picnic at the seaside will be an enjoyable addition.

The Amber seaside

The Amber seaside of Russia is a unique place, the only entrance to the Baltic sea of such a huge country. Golden sandy beaches extend for hundreds of kilometers. You will have a tour around the Baltic sea resorts. We offer an excursion to the former German resort Rauschen (Svetlogorsk currently). You will also visit the city of Yantarnywhich is the largestdeposit of amber in the world and the city of Baltiysk where the waves ofthe Baltic Sea meet with the waves of the Vistula Lagoon

The castles and the cities of the region

We offer you a trip to the city of Gvardeysk (the former Tapiau) which is the birthplace of the painterLovis Corinth. You will have an excursion to the city of Chernyakhovsk (the former Insterburg) and visit the castle, the church, the other architectural buildings and the main sight – thestud farm “Georgenburg”, where famous Trakehner horsesare kept for breeding. Equestrian tournaments are also held there. Then you will visit Gusev (Gumbinnen) and Sovetsk (Tilsit), where Napoleon, Russian tsar Aleksandr I and Prussian King Frederick William III signed the famous Treaties of Tilsit.

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The hotel offers services of licensed guide-interpreters.