This is us

We love to make your stay delightful.

Our team
I myself was a guest in all rooms to know exactly what to improve for your maximum comfort.
Protects your vacation from troubles, inconveniences, and other negativity
Takes care of the hotel guests and pleasantly surprises them.
We are ready to help 24 /7 because we know how important calm and comfort during the holidays are.
We are unobtrusive but always ready to help you.
We speak English and German
We clean the rooms quickly, efficiently and quietly
Cooking like at home
We make jams, yogurts, lemonades, and other goodies.
The territory includes
Secure parking for 10 places. Almost as many as the number of rooms we offer.
We do not have a pool, but there are a sauna and a sea fifty meters away.
Our barbecue area has everything you need for barbecue. In any weather. We provide dishes and warmth.

We turned everything we could green and natural. We grow apple trees and flowers. Here is a clearing with soft grass where you can do yoga - it is quiet and no one bothers.

You can relax with a professional massage. Anytime you wish. We care about your health.
Sun loungers and gazebos throughout the hotel are at your disposal.
Play area for children with everything they need to distract them from the smartphones
  • In the summer you can go swimming, explore national parks, ride summer festivals, do kite surfing, paraglide and much, much more
  • Autumn is a special time of the year. It’s not hot, but it’s still so nice to relax. Zelenogradsk and the entire Kaliningrad region at this time become red, orange and yellow, and mosquitoes no longer bite.
  • It is possible and necessary to have a rest in winter: to go to museums and cultural events, to drink mineral waters, to visit a special, winter sea.
  • In the spring, nature wakes up - we need to wake up as well. You can start with swimming in the Zelenogradsk pool and long walks under the warm spring sun, and finish in the cafes and bars