What can you do here?

A lot of options. The Kaliningrad region is not only the sea but also more than ten centuries of history that you can see, touch and even eat.

Outside the hotel
The Vikings, the heathen Prussians, and the crusaders visited these places. And now you will visit them.

Here, you can:
Swim and take sunbathes
Ride a bike
Collect amber right on the beach
Go to the national Park "Curonian spit", check out the dunes, turning into a small desert, and dancing trees
Drink mineral water
Visit summer festivals
Go to museums, excursions, visit a real knight's castle.
The hotel
There had been hundreds (we're not kidding) satisfied customers. And now you will visit it.

Here, you can:
Relax on the sunbeds under the trees or bask in the sun
Go to sauna
Spend time in the gazebo or in a summer cafe
Go for a massage
Arrange your barbecue party
Stay in clean and comfortable room
For children, we have an equipped playground with everything necessary for their outdoor activities.